Choosing a broadcaster is above all choosing a broadcasting technology. Because, depending on the diffusion technology, your diffuser will be more or less noisy, more or less powerful, more or less robust and durable, more or less effective from a therapeutic point of view.

Using essential oils in diffusion is far from trivial. You must be vigilant and aware of the risks that may arise from the use of unsuitable essential oils in diffusion. We can remember that two types of essential oils cannot be diffused:

  1. Essential oils rich in phenol because they are irritating to the mucous membranes,
  2. Essential oils rich in ketones because they are neurotoxic.

Here are 5 good reasons to use a diffuser:

  1. To rid the air of pesticides, allergens and foul odors. By diffusing essential oils you will eliminate these toxins and odors. An essential oil diffuser is much more environmentally friendly than a spray to eliminate odors. In short, it purifies the air by eliminating pathogens.
  2. To help relieve cold and flu symptoms. A diffuser releases lots of anti-microbial essential oils. Certain oils can also be used to relieve congestion from colds and allergies, eucalyptus for example.
  3. For guaranteed relaxation because the diffusion of essential oils in the air helps to relax it. They also create an ideal sleeping environment.
  4. Safer than candles and incense. Leave the diffuser running without risk of fire, to benefit from increased safety.
  5. Serves as an insect repellent.

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Jean-François Henri