Our world. Our history.

The Sauge et Citron experience

Coming from passions for nature, art and balance, Sauge & Citron offers a range of products for the bath, the body and for the home and adds medicinal plants and gathering and gardening tools to its collections. which invite a transformative experience for the senses.

From the beautiful packaging to the last dollop of lavender and rosewood body butter, or the flickering flame of expertly crafted candles, we know our unique scents and hard-working formulas will transport you and keep you coming back for more. more.

Cleverly designed formulations inspired by nature to create products that are compatible with the skin, environmentally friendly, effective and pleasant to use.

From father to daughter

A passion for living things and medicinal plants that has been passed down for 3 generations in the family of Yves Paré, founder of the company. He started the adventure in 1976 as one of the pioneers in his field in Quebec. It was her daughter Véronique who took over the business in 1988 which then bore the name “La Procure”; ten years later she changed this name to Massopro, because at the time, the store specialized in the field of massage therapy. In 2023, Véronique's two children and the Founder's grandchildren took over the company and changed the name to Sauge et Citron with a brand new mission. The arrival of the next generation marks another great stage of growth for Sauge et Citron!

We believe in quality in everything we do.

Sauge et Citron