Les huiles essentielles et les enfants

Essential oils and children

Due to the high concentration of therapeutic molecules, essential oils are generally prohibited in young children. They must also be kept out of their reach, preferably in a cabinet located high up. It is wise to avoid the use of essential oils in children under the age of two or to follow the recommendations of a certified aromatherapist for use before this age.
Veronique Pare
Idées cadeaux pour Noël

Gift ideas for Christmas

Ah, the holiday season, what a great time to give a little gift to the people we care about. We know it well, it can sometimes be a difficult mission to find THE little thought that will please the people around us and especially those we perhaps know a little less...

Fortunately, here, we are full of ideas and thoughts which are aimed at everyone and which will certainly make people happy.

Veronique Pare
Rituels bien-être pour la pleine lune 🌚

Well-being rituals for the full moon 🌚

Tomorrow, March 7, 2023, there will be a full moon (ouuhhh) 🌚 & like the moon an impact on the tides, therefore water & that the human body is made...
Veronique Pare
À la découverte de l'huile essentielle de Lavande

Discovering Lavender essential oil

Ah! Lavender essential oil. With its unique and delicate fragrance, it is the queen of essential oils. It smells so good!!! It is the most famous and the most used...
Veronique Pare
Les indispensables de camping

Camping essentials

Since winter has left us, it's time to explore the new joys of the summer season. And who says summer said: camping. Of course, the tent, the sleeping bag and...
Veronique Pare
Lait de bain ou bain moussant ?

Bath milk or bubble bath?

The bathing ritual, what a beautiful moment to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves to a moment of gentleness. Whether it's to relax with a good glass of wine...
Veronique Pare
Un incontournable

A must-have

The balm is one of our therapists' favorite rubefacients and is renowned as one of the best rubefacients for relieving muscle pain.
Jean-François Henri
Le sel de mer ou seul d'epson?

Sea salt or just Epson?

Sea salt has long been used to relieve rheumatic pain, muscle cramps and back pain.
Jean-François Henri
La chaleur en thérapie

Heat in therapy

Why is heat so beneficial for muscle pain? A local increase in temperature helps activate blood circulation in a specific location.
Jean-François Henri
Vous avez le nez bloqué?

Do you have a blocked nose?

Nasal congestion, or “ stuffy nose ” is not a disease, but rather a symptom that can have several possible causes.
Jean-François Henri
5 raisons d'utiliser un diffuseur

5 reasons to use a diffuser

Choosing a broadcaster is above all choosing a broadcasting technology.
Jean-François Henri
Comment agissent les huiles essentielles?

How do essential oils work?

At the Academy of Massage and Orthotherapy, we believe it is important that every therapist is trained to work with essential oils.
Jean-François Henri