Why is heat so beneficial for muscle pain? A local increase in temperature helps activate blood circulation in a specific location. Exchanges are facilitated, there are more nutrients, water, oxygen, etc. All the elements allowing cell repair are then present. Therefore, when applied to a painful muscle, heat facilitates cleaning and repair. This increase in blood flow also promotes the penetration of external agents into the muscle. This is why many analgesic creams (rubefiant) are also “heating” so that the molecules are quickly delivered to the area to be treated.

Heat reduces the effectiveness of the transmission of nervous messages, making it difficult for pain sensations to pass from the heated area to the brain. This is why an increase in temperature also has a fairly rapid analgesic effect. Attention ! You should absolutely not apply a heat source in the event of bruises, strains or muscle tears.

Whether in the form of Moxa , hydrocollator , or rubefacients muscles, you now know why your Orthotherapist uses heat during your treatments.

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Jean-François Henri