THE BALM is one of our therapists’ favorite rubefacients. It is renowned as one of the best rubefacients for relieving muscle pain. It owes its fame to its immediate effectiveness. Persistent muscle pain will be easy to treat with the Balm. It provides a pleasant feeling of warmth upon application. It is used on muscle pain, back pain, bruises, sprains, strains, etc. Please note, you will not need to apply it in large quantities for it to be effective.

For athletes, it proves to be the reference rubefacient against aches and pains. Its heating effect acts on the muscles to relieve them. When the muscles are overworked during a sporting activity, they end up “revolting”. If he overcomes the pain of athletes, imagine what he will do to everyone. Bad posture at work, long hours in front of screens, strenuous physical activities, long car journeys, but also stressful situations, are all causes of muscle pain that LE BAUME can relieve.

Particular care was taken in the selection of ingredients to guarantee the quality we know: camphor, menthol, essential oils, etc. LE BAUME does not contain animal fat.

LE BAUME is on sale at the Massopro store at the Academy of Massage and Orthotherapy or online at It is an essential product for professional practice.

Jean-François Henri