The bathing ritual, what a beautiful moment to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves to a moment of gentleness. Whether it's to relax with a good glass of wine or a cup of perfectly brewed tea or to relieve muscle pain, what a great opportunity to feel like a princess covered in a veil of milk or a beautiful creamy foam.

Bathing can be (should be) a very glamorous moment. This is why there is a range of products to add to our hot water that flows slowly from the tap. In addition to scenting the space, they can soothe our ailments, nourish and cleanse our skin and above all allow us to relax.

Running your bath is already part of the ritual. From the first drops of water that fill the bathtub, we transform like Monica in Friends and add salts, bubbles, flower petals, etc. Our friends don't understand it at all, but it doesn't matter, we do it for us girls. We deserve it.

Today, live from my bath, I wanted to talk to you about the difference between bubble bath and bath milk. And who better to write about bath products than a girl straight from her bath?

So what is the difference between the two?


Bath foam is a classic. We all know it, since our childhood. I remember at the time, my brother and I were always asking our mother to use a lot of foam so we could create crazy pirate characters with iconic wigs and beards. Well, as an adult, my brother is no longer in the bath and the foam serves a lot more to cover my chest than to inspire a spontaneous look of Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean. The usefulness of the bubble bath is used among adults mainly for its soothing fragrance and its enveloping atmosphere.


Bath milk is quite recent and is becoming more and more popular. And what can I say! This milky, gently scented powder dissolves in water like a charm and gives your water a milky texture that is ultra hydrating. Let's face it, between you and me, bath milk has nothing to envy of its foaming cousin. Okay, I seem to be biased. Well yes, I accept that bath milk has revolutionized my life and my bathing ritual. It's a miracle remedy for dry skin (especially in winter.) And in the store we have two bath milks. One that is gently scented with lavender (my favorite) and the other with tangerine, depending on whether we are more of a floral or fruity type.

Our bath milks contain Epsom salt which will help release muscle tension while goat's milk and colloidal oatmeal will soften the skin. Our milk powders also contain vegetable oils including avocado oil which will nourish the skin for a feeling of well-being. When you get out of the bath, the skin remains lightly scented for a sweet reminder of this relaxation ritual.

So whether you choose bath foam or milk, the moral of the story is this: the bath ritual is a time to take care of yourself. Personally, the virtues of bath milk are so much more numerous. To try it is to adopt it.

Good bath !

Veronique Pare