Since winter has left us, it's time to explore the new joys of the summer season. And who says summer said: camping.

Of course, the tent, the sleeping bag and the cooler are ready (if they are not already waiting for you in the car), but we have prepared some little essentials for you which all come from the store which will make your experience even more enjoyable. pleasant.

Be careful, this article may create needs for you ;)

The outdoor set

Because we don't want mosquitoes around us. We've all had a mosquito lurking around our ear. The little ziiiiiiiiiii tiring. Good. The full set comes to your rescue in addition to being natural and organic. Here's what the set includes:

- A mosquito repellent spray

With the scent of lemon eucalyptus and cedar which are essential oils that naturally repellent mosquitoes, this spray will allow you to stay calm when you enjoy the outdoors.

- An outdoor ointment

Naturally soothing and repellent, the outdoor ointment is a must for walks in the forest, camping holidays, moments by the fire or when picking your medicinal plants. Its scent of lemon eucalyptus, geranium and lavender is a natural repellent for biting insects and its blend of precious oils and plant macerates is soothing. It will become a favorite product for the whole family!

- A mosquito repellent soap.

The mosquito repellent soap is handmade using the traditional cold saponification method. Composed of organic vegetable oils which makes it naturally gentle and non-drying for the skin. Its lemon eucalyptus scent repels insects, making it the perfect companion for your escapades in the forest and during summer vacations.
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The sun vacation set
As it is very important to protect our skin from the sun, it is important to bring the appropriate care with you. The naturally made items in our sun set will please you not only with their effectiveness, but also with their ingredients. The set includes:
- The protective balm

The protective balm offers physical mineral protection (filter), via zinc oxide (without nanoparticles), it therefore leaves a white film on the skin surface which provides protection against UVA and UVB.

In comparison, conventional creams offer chemical protection: they penetrate the skin and offer a chemical filter that interacts with UVA/UVB rays to render them harmless (unnatural substance such as Mexoryl, Tinosord, etc.).

People who have sensitive skin (eczema, psoriasis) or allergies often tolerate mineral screens based on vegetable oils better than others. These are also free of endocrine disruptors that can be found in sunscreens with a chemical filter.

The vegetable oils that are used in its composition are dry oils (less fatty) with protective properties. Our sun balm does not contain fragrance or essential oils, as these can be irritating or photosensitive to the skin.

We recommend reapplying the balm every two hours, after each swim or after an intense sporting activity with a lot of sweating.

- Lip balm

This beeswax and honey lip balm gives lips a slight rosy effect while providing protection against bad weather and the sun. The best of both worlds! Natural SPF thanks to zinc oxide and apricot oil.

- Mandarin and cedar after-sun balm

This moisturizing honey balm is made from vegetable oils that are wonderfully hydrating for the skin: argan, jojoba, coconut oil, etc. A wonderful after-sun, it nourishes and illuminates the skin in addition to protecting it thanks to the film-forming power of beeswax. Mandarin and cedar essential oils delicately perfume the body with a woody citrus zest! It's awesome.

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Happy Camping and Happy Holidays!

Veronique Pare