Peppermint essential oil has many interesting virtues. In addition to being tonic, it is excellent for digestion. It is also recommended against nausea, gastroenteritis and difficult digestion. She will be your friend the morning after! In addition, talking about peppermint essential oil is inconceivable without mentioning migraine, because it effectively calms it and provides a pleasant sensation of cold on painful areas.

The practice of massage has many virtues. It helps in particular to relax and accelerate blood circulation. The use of essential oils in massage is widely recognized and has existed for thousands of years. The brilliant Egyptian culture itself practiced this method. The massage promotes the penetration of essential oils into the body and helps relieve muscular tension.

A massage for muscle pain will soothe, relax and unwind your muscles. Since it is an effective local analgesic, peppermint essential oil soothes the muscles thanks to its “cold effect”. Its herbaceous, fresh and minty smell makes your massage a pleasant moment of relaxation. Your sense of smell will be sensitive to this freshness which will benefit both you and your massage therapist.

Here are some applications of this wonderful essential oil:

  1. For migraines, massage 2 drops onto the temples and forehead, as soon as necessary.
  2. Physical or mental fatigue or hypotension. Oral: 1 drop under the tongue, 3 times a day, until regained shape.
  3. Nausea and vomiting, motion sickness (for children over 6 years old). Oral use: 1 drop under the tongue. In inhalation: breathe directly from the bottle, as soon as necessary.
  4. Difficult digestion, liver attacks, stimulation of the elimination organs (liver, intestines and kidneys). Oral use: 2 drops on a sugar, to mix in an infusion, after the meal, as soon as necessary, in a single dose.
  5. The day after the party. Oral use: 1 drop under the tongue. Cutaneous use: 1 drop to massage on the temples, as soon as necessary.

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