Absinthe “the alcohol that makes you crazy” is the first thing people think of when the name is mentioned. But in reality this plant is much more than that and it has many properties that our ancestors knew very well.

She is called the Green Fairy but also the Green Witch. It has been known since Antiquity for its disinhibiting and even hallucinogenic properties. At low doses it has a toning and antiseptic action and it also helps to regulate menstrual pain.

The wormwood plant is recognized for its many therapeutic virtues. Tonic and stimulating, deworming and antiseptic, it fights fever, regulates the cycle and relieves menstrual pain. Properties that we owe to its pronounced bitterness, which stimulates the secretion of bile. It also contains tannins and vitamin C.

For internal use, orally, an infusion is prepared at the rate of 1 gram of dry plants for 250 ml of water, to drink 30 minutes before the two main meals to stimulate the appetite or after meals for digestive disorders. .

50g | 30 infusions

The indications given are not for therapeutic purposes but for informational purposes. They are based on the traditional uses of plants in herbalism. They are in no way equivalent to a medical prescription and cannot replace a prescription. To confirm the uses of this product, please seek advice from a healthcare professional.

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