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It is important to invest in quality sheets because you will wash them often, even very often. So you want to make sure you have sheets that hold up!

Your customers spend a lot of time between your sheets. Therapists tend to underestimate this part of the treatment..... It has almost become a mission for us; that is to say, we ensure that your clients can feel at ease and comfortable throughout the duration of your treatment.

The “Made in Quebec” authenticity that Massopro products display sets them apart from the competition. Give it a try!

Made of soft and durable fibers, our sheets and cervical head cover are designed to make your clients feel comfortable during this relaxing moment that is massage. We know that there are many things that bother you in life; choosing good quality sheets should not be one of them.

We develop our own fabrics that are sumptuously soft and made from essentially natural fibers. Ultimately, we want your investment to be profitable. Our products are therefore the best. Wear tests, high quality finishes, this is what you can expect from our sheets and our entire range of products.

Our flat sheet is the perfect companion to the fitted sheet and the cervical head cover for your treatment table measuring 24 to 28 inches. They are soft and supple and easy to maintain. See how to maintain them on the following link: White sheets