Eucalyptus essential oil (eucalyptus globulus) is very effective in improving all ENT respiratory conditions. This essential oil has many properties. It is antiseptic, bactericidal, antiviral, anticatarrhal and expectorant.

Eucalyptus essential oil is essential during winter periods. It is used to reduce respiratory tract conditions, ear infections, sinusitis, bronchitis and flu. In addition, it brings a feeling of vitality to exhausted people. Its positive action releases negativity. On the skin, eucalyptus essential oil offers a refreshing and purifying effect. It acts as an antibacterial and antimicrobial cleanser which makes it useful in relieving skin problems.

In broadcast it's great, we love it. We also use it to scent laundry, it's super fresh and pleasant!

Our eucalyptus essential oil is a top quality oil, 100% pure, undiluted, obtained by steam distillation of the aromatic substances contained in the leaf.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge to use essential oils safely, we strongly recommend that you consult a professional or follow our aromatherapy training

10ml or 50ml