Discover and enjoy the benefits of our range of high quality natural infusions. True exclusive recipes rich in plants and tastes, each of our infusions is composed of six or seven different ingredients and has its own specificity: draining, soothing, digestive, invigorating, comforting, detoxifying. A collection of premium infusions to perfectly meet what your body needs.

The “Infusion Collection” box contains 36 sachets and brings together our 6 signature blends. A selection of our best infusions rich in tastes, flavors and benefits. An inspiring box that combines pleasure and well-being to infuse according to your mood.

Our bags are made of corn starch and our over-bags are made of wood cellulose. We do not use aluminum or plastic for a 100% plant-based experience.

The ideal gift!

• 6 sachets of the infusion line
A source of well-being, this infusion with notes of rooibos and lemongrass allows you to hydrate and eliminate all day long.

• 6 sachets of calm infusion
You will appreciate the notes of honey, orange blossom and verbena in this blend for a sweet and relaxing break.

• 6 sachets of digestive infusion
Ideal after a meal, the DIGESTIVE infusion combines the benefits of thyme and rosemary for better digestion.

• 6 sachets of tonic infusion
The TONIQUE infusion combines the benefits of mint and citrus fruits for a blend that gets you back in shape!

• 6 sachets of the delicious infusion
The DELICE infusion with its notes of verbena and marjoram offers you comforting and tasty breaks.

• 6 sachets of detox infusion
The DETOX infusion from L'infuseur is a real detoxifying rejuvenation treatment to take care of yourself.

using advice
Put 1 sachet per cup before pouring in your simmering water, ideally at 95°C. Leave to infuse for 5 to 7 minutes.

The LINE, TONIQUE, DELICE and DETOX infusions can also be prepared iced. To do this, let your infusion cool before refrigerating. You can also choose a cold brew by letting it steep for 2 to 3 hours at room temperature.

6 numbers of infusions to do yourself good. A box of 36 sachets to discover our infusions and take a gentle 12-day cure with 3 sachets per day. Either you start with number 1 and end with number 6 or:

*morning: Delight or Line
*during the day: Detox or Tonic
*before going to bed: Calm or Digestive

Objective: boost digestion and energy, calming, elimination

Possible presence of nuts.

The “infusion collection” box should be placed in a cool, dry place.