We love the Hori Hori knife. Originally designed to imitate the popular Japanese garden knife, Hori Hori which roughly translates to "digging digging". It's a versatile tool, designed for versatility. Drive in the tent stakes with the flat base of the pommel. Measure planting depth with the convenient inch marks. Saw a branch or kindling with the rust-resistant lined edge. Designed for use in the garden, campsite, bush or wherever you need it.

The smooth, durable walnut handle fits perfectly with the pointed 6 ¾" heat-tempered blade for a tool that feels great in your hand. The added string cutter also doubles as a bottle opener, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink of your choice after a hard day at work.

The ultimate shield for the ultimate tool, the Hori Hori sheath combines utility and design. Made of 900D polyester with an inner liner, protects the blade from tarnishing. The stainless steel belt clip makes carrying and accessibility easier, while the strong handle strap prevents the blade from slipping or moving. The open end allows for easy cleaning and prevents dirt buildup, preserving the blade for years of continuous use.

It is essential for anyone who works the land; in the forest or in the garden. Dig for roots or transplants, measure planting depth or root length with the graduated blade, saw or trim with the rust-resistant dual blade, and plant rigid objects with the flat-tipped pommel.

If you only have one tool to get, this is it. He was designed by and for people who work the land.

Length 34 cm (blade 19 cm).