Thanks to its notoriety, its beauty and the aromas it gives off, but above all for its highly sought-after qualities, lavender essential oil undoubtedly remains the queen of essential oils. It is simply essential.

Lavender essential oil (lavendula officinalis) is known for its relaxing and antispasmodic benefits. It brings a deep feeling of calm, relaxation and harmony and calms the central nervous system.

It is of great help in relieving mental and physical agitation, mild to moderate anxiety, stress and insomnia . Powerful antispasmodic and muscle relaxant, lavender essential oil relieves contractures, muscle spasms and rheumatism.

Its anesthetic properties relieve migraines. Antibacterial, lavender essential oil relieves skin problems such as acne, pruritus, bedsores, ulcers, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. It regulates sebum so it is very suitable for the care of oily skin and dry skin. Healing, it regenerates the skin spectacularly. It is used to activate the healing of wounds.

Pulmonary antiseptic, lavender essential oil is useful to provide support during winter ailments.

With its unique and delicate fragrance, it is the queen of essential oils. It is the most famous and the most used and rightly so. Our lavender essential oil is a top quality oil, 100% pure, obtained by steam distillation of the aromatic substances contained in the flowering tops of the plant.

For dogs: lavender essential oil is a universal oil. Useful for conditioning dogs to a new location, it can help with allergies, burns, ulcers, insomnia, anxiety and travel sickness, to name a few. Put a few drops in your hands and flat your dog in the direction of the hair and in the opposite direction (against the coat). It is completely safe to diffuse lavender essential oil for a period of 20 to 30 minutes in the same room as your pet.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge to use essential oils safely, we strongly recommend that you consult a professional or follow our aromatherapy training

10ml or 50ml