Ylang Ylang means “the flower of flowers”. Its powerful and sensual aroma is a great classic of perfumery. Ylang-ylang essential oil (conanga odorata) is found in Coco Chanel's legendary perfume "Bois des iles" and in the famous Chanel No. 5. Ylang-ylang essential oil is also found in many other well-known perfumes such as Joy by Patou, Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent or Paris by Guerlain.

In the area of ​​well-being, ylang-ylang essential oil is very beneficial. It brings a feeling of peace in times of stress, agitation and anxiety.

Ylang-ylang essential oil has toning properties that stimulate intellectual and sexual abilities. It brings joy, pleasure and sensuality.

Ylang-ylang essential oil is very interesting for its cosmetic properties. It tones the skin, contributes to cellular regeneration of the epidermis and balances the skin's sebum secretion. It is used to fight against skin aging, relieve dry skin and reduce pigmentation spots.

In addition, ylang-ylang essential oil promotes hair growth and shine. Rich in monoterpene esters with antispasmodic effects, ylang-ylang essential oil is traditionally used to relieve muscle contractures and cramps.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge to use essential oils safely, we strongly recommend that you consult a professional or follow our aromatherapy training

Our Ylang-ylang essential oil is a top quality oil, 100% pure, obtained by steam distillation of the aromatic substances contained in the flower.

Excellent in massage for the skin of the face and body. Ylang Ylang essential oil helps relax the muscles causing spasms.

10ml or 50ml