Lemon balm ( Melissa officinalis ) is one of the most aromatic of the lamiaceae. Rub a few leaves between your fingers and smell the lemony scent mixed with a rich, oily scent which is the signature of lemon balm.

It is traditionally used for digestive well-being. Indeed, stress, an unsuitable diet or even intensive sport can have an influence on digestion. Lemon balm therefore contributes to digestive comfort and helps with good intestinal functioning.

But that's not all. Like all acidic and slightly bitter plants, lemon balm is indicated for nervous conditions. Deliciously lemony , it is consumed in the form of an infusion or as a mother tincture , sometimes combined with valerian.

Lemon balm infusion is a beverage that stimulates and facilitates digestion. Its infusion helps support the nervous system, it brings a positive mood, optimal relaxation and promotes healthier and more restful sleep. It also contributes to maintaining normal respiratory health.

50g | 30 infusions

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