Nettle is very rich in minerals and trace elements, magnesium, calcium, iron, boron, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, tin, manganese, mercury, nickel, phosphorus, lead, potassium, sulfur, zinc and chlorophyll , carotenoids, mucilage, tannins, amino acids, and vitamins C, K, E and B.

It is a nourishing plant that can even be added to your favorite broths and dishes. This is one of our favorite plants!

An important plant in traditional Western pharmacopoeia, nettle is a pure adaptogenic plant that is used for all kinds of conditions, combined with other more specific plants that will direct its tonic action.

We often choose to take it as an infusion. Its nutritional action allows you to obtain spectacular results when used wisely and consistently. You can also use it in your recipes. It is suitable for almost everyone: children, the elderly, the seriously ill, convalescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

50g | 30 infusions

The indications given are not therapeutic but informative. They are based on the traditional uses of plants in herbalism. They are in no way equivalent to a medical prescription and cannot replace a prescription. To confirm the uses of this product, please seek advice from a healthcare professional.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge to use medicinal plants safely, we recommend that you subscribe to the Apothecary and or follow professional training in herbalism or consult a professional