It is called the great calmant. Skullcap promotes the relaxation of spasms. Helps to better manage stress and strengthens the nervous system.

A nervine plant, skullcap has a tonic and reconstructive action on the nervous system. It soothes excitability, calms nervous tension and reduces the harmful effects of prolonged stress.

Use for:

  • anxiety

  • insomnia

  • nervous tremors

  • the stress

  • the spasms

  • nervous fatigue

  • menstrual disorders

  • headaches of nervous origin

  • hyperactivity in children

In infusion its taste is very pleasant.

50g | 30 infusions

The indications given are not therapeutic but informative. They are based on the traditional uses of plants in herbalism. They are in no way equivalent to a medical prescription and cannot replace a prescription. To confirm the uses of this product, please seek advice from a healthcare professional.

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